May 24, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

Department of English and Humanities

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Dr. James Ford, Interim Department Head

Mr. Hayden Bozarth Dr. Emily Dial-Driver Dr. Laura Gray
Ms. Renee Cox Dr. Sally Emmons Dr. Gioia Kerlin
Ms. Jeanice Davis Dr. Francis A. Grabowski, III Dr. Matthew Oberrieder
    Mr. Scott Reed

The Goals of the Department of English and Humanities

The mission of the Department of English and Humanities at Rogers State University is to support students in their pursuit of knowledge and to prepare them for participation in the increasingly globalized culture of the 21st century. The goals are:

  1. Foster the skills of critical and creative thinking, writing, communication, and research among our students.
  2. Serve the University and the community by providing quality general education courses that prepare students for their roles as citizens and cultural participants.
  3. Offer innovative programs and quality teaching within the classroom and through distance education.
  4. Facilitate the formation of groups of citizen-scholars consisting of faculty and students that meet outside the traditional classroom setting.
  5. Foster the values of scholarship, creativity, appreciation of diversity, and community service among our faculty, staff, and students.


    Associate in Arts

    Students who successfully complete an approved program with emphasis in liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, or business subject areas are awarded the Associate in Arts degree.

    These degree programs are designed as an integral part of the four-year programs if students ultimately pursue a baccalaureate degree.

    Business Administration
    Criminal Justice Studies

    Option: Collegiate Officer Program
    Option: Law/Justice

    Elementary Education
    Liberal Arts

    Option: General
    Option: English
    Option: English (Secondary Education)
    Option: Native American Studies

    Secondary Education

    Option: Social Studies

    Social Sciences

    Option: Psychology
    Option: Sociology

    Bachelor of Arts

    Bachelor of Arts


    Option: Broadcasting and New Media
    Option: Communication Arts
    Option: Strategic Communications

    The Bachelor of Arts in Communications stresses competence in oral and written communication and critical thinking skills that will serve the student for a lifetime. Students also acquire specific knowledge and skills needed to function in a variety of career opportunities at broadcast facilities, corporations, and civic enterprises. Such endeavors include, but are not limited to, media production/talent, corporate management, marketing, advertising and public relations, sales, promotions, law school, ministry, human relations, public speaking, and corporate and civic leadership.

    Bachelor of Arts

    Environmental Studies

    The Environmental Studies program is a multidisciplinary program focusing on local, national, and global environmental problems. Through a series of academic courses, students will examine the relationships between the environment and life on the planet including such issues as climate change, natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, resource depletion, sustainability, and mitigation activities.

    The Environmental Studies Program mission supports the University Mission to “provide a general liberal arts education supporting specialized academic programs and prepares students for lifelong learning and service in a diverse society.” In addition, students in the program will “foster student excellence in oral and written communications, scientific reasoning, and critical and creative thinking.”

    Bachelor of Arts


    Option: American History
    Option: General History
    Option: Military History

    The Bachelor of Arts in History with options in American and General History stresses competence in oral and written communication. Students will acquire a specific knowledge of skill set needed to function in a variety of well compensated career opportunities associated with the study of History, including law, higher and secondary education, government, museum studies, etc. Many students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History can be expected to seek graduate education in a variety of fields.

    The Bachelor of Arts Military History option equips students for careers in the armed forces, the academic field of military history, law, public administration, education, journalism, security, intelligence, and government. It is excellent preparation for advanced graduate study. The core curriculum covers military history; leadership; technology; research methods in history and the social sciences; war and society; and the connections between war, ethics, and religion. Specific skills students will develop include analysis, critical thinking, writing, problem solving, organizing and presenting information, and basic research competencies. Electives provide in-depth study of military conflicts, international relations, and US foreign policy.

    Bachelor of Arts

    Liberal Arts

    Option: English
    Option: Global Humanities

    The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts is structured similar to traditional liberal arts education, providing broad integrative courses in two areas of the liberal arts: English and Global Humanities. The multidisciplinary nature of the degree allows the student to experience a diversity of perspectives on the human condition. The degree is designed to provide a firm foundation in our cultural heritage as well as to foster creativity among individuals.

    The degree also provides many opportunities to develop skills in artistic expression, writing, and critical thinking. It is intended that graduates of this degree will have the skills and knowledge base to thrive in graduate or professional school as well as in the modern economy.

    Bachelor of Arts

    Political Science

    Option: American Government
    Option: Public Administration
    Option: International Relations

    The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is designed to provide students with the academic background to pursue careers in a variety of public sector careers, including politics, public and private sector administration, and nonprofit administration. Students can select between American Government and public administration options. International relations is a well-established sub-field in political science. The addition of an international relations option will require minimum additional curricula, and will help attract additional majors to the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree program.

    Bachelor of General Studies

    Bachelor of General Studies

    General Studies

    The Bachelor of General Studies provides students with a rigorous alternative to a specialized education in a single discipline. The student will have the flexibility to select two separate disciplines from a variety of fields in Math and Science, Liberal Arts, and Business and Technology. The degree will consist of 18 to 24 hours of the core knowledge in each of the two chosen disciplines, allowing the student the flexibility to pursue their interests as well as prepare for the challenges of work, citizenship, and intellectual life. This general studies degree, in combination with an optional minor course of study, will provide students with a foundation of knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills to succeed in many fields.


    A minor requires completion of at least 18-24 designated credit hours of coursework outside the student’s major field, including a minimum of 9 upper-division credit hours, and may have a required core. The same courses may not be used to fulfill the requirements for both a major and a minor. To complete a minor, a student is required to earn six 3000-4000 level credit hours in that minor at RSU.

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