May 25, 2024  
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

Political Science, International Relations Option, B.A.

OSRHE Code: 123R

Major Code: PAIR

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs at Rogers State University is an interdisciplinary, professional degree for individuals who desire to work in, lead, and manage public organizations. Specifically, the program endeavors to pro- vide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and implement programs that address the vexing problems confronting American communities; to think critically, ethically, and practically about the purposes of public policy and how those policies can be improved; and to develop the understandings needed to work collaboratively with multiple sectors and diverse interests. Graduates of the public affairs program will be well prepared to begin careers in public and nonprofit organizations at all levels of society.

**Required for the International Relations Option (equivalent language may be substituted)
Note: POLS 2003  satisfies the computer proficiency requirement for this degree.

Political Science, Required Hours: 122 Credit Hour(s)

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 9 Credit Hour(s)

Science and Mathematics: 11 Credit Hour(s)

Elective: 3 Credit Hour(s)

Select three additional hours from the courses listed above and not previously selected.

International Relations Option

Guided Electives: 12 Credit Hour(s)

Select 12 credit hours of non-General Education 3000-4000 level courses with a GEOG, HIST, POLS, or SOC Prefix.

Selected Minor: 18-24 Credit Hour(s)

Free Electives: 5-11 Credit Hour(s)

Total Credit Hour(s): 122